Our Search - So Far

I have been searching for details of Lynn's family for around eight years now. The more I got into drawing a blank with my reseach the more it became apparent that the only way forward was to look into DNA.

It was fortunate in some ways that we had a son because we were able to have our sons Y chromosomes tested ( this is a chromosome that only fathers pass to their sons). When this chromosome is tested it should for arguments sake show up a full list of Dello's if there were no absent fathers and no one was adopted. But in the case of my son the results showed that in the case of my son he had no fewer than 13 different surnames

DNA Surname Matches:

McGuinnesses(x2), O'Neill(x2), Delorey, Whipple, Cavanagh, Minish, Parker, Hammack, Clark, Gowin and Brandon

The results of the initial DNA test left me with more questions than answers. The problem we have with the father to son test is that Lynn knew he was fostered, and most probably had been illegitimate, he simply had no idea about his parentage he was told he was born on the high seas between Spain and Ireland, and that his Mother had died in childbirth.

So our the next step was my Son and I took the Family Finder DNA test, to sort out his Irish side and my English side, below are the surname results for my son.

Family Finder DNA Surname Matches:

Flynn, McElvaine, McGuinness, McDermott, McGavigan, Mc Dowell, Rhatigan, McGrath, Murdy, Houston, Murther/Murtagh, Haslam, Wark, McKiernan, Daugherty, McManus.

Help from some great friends

As you can imagine it is a daunting task trying to piece this jigsaw together. I have made lots of friends along the way,there are lots of very nice people out their, helping me to look for answers.

I have had some great help In particular from people in Ireland, who have been exceptionally kind and helpful to me, doing their best to help in any way they can, three Dundalk Co Louth Newspapers, put an advertisment in their papers at no cost to me and I would like to thank them.

Also the local radio station, the Gerry Kelly lunchtime show, afforded me a considerable amount of air time, and introduced me to a now friend Jim Kerley, who has been so kind, and such a huge help. I want to say a very large thank you to them both.