Ireland - Dundalk Co Louth

The reason I feel fairly confident that Dundalk is the area I have, and indeed should have been, concentrating all efforts on, is because certain landmarks Lynn mentioned, such as the 'Lisdoo Arms' and the 'Adelphi Cinema' (Bella Lugosi horror films were mentioned!!!!) both still are in Dundalk, Co Louth. To name but two.

Lynn said the Foster Parents had a business, family name McCann, also I have it in his handwriting, the foster father died in JAN 1960. My son and I went to Dublin to see if we could find a death certificate but alas there was no one in Ireland of that name died in January 1960 that matched, I wrote to every undertaker in Co Louth in fact, and drew a blank each time.

I have had some great help from a great deal of people in the Dundalk, Co Louth area. Three local newspapers have put advertisements in their papers for me at no cost and the local radio station, the Gerry Kelly lunchtime show, afforded me a considerable amount of air time, and introduced me to a now friend Jim Kerley, who has been so kind, and such a huge help and carried out a big search of the Dundalk Co Lough area on my behalf.

I even wrote to every person of that name in Co Louth, but you guessed it drew a blank.

I wrote to the Health Service Executive,(fostering services children in care team) Dundalk, Co Louth. They could find no one of that name, and could not help. I wrote to the Ireland equivalent of the British Insurance Office, they called it PRSI number, but they had no one with that name and date of birth, as you can tell I have been busy writing for some, at least seven years, and three FULL A4 arch folders of dead ends later I am still at it!!

I wrote to the Port of Cork, as I have already said Lynn was told he was born on a ship between Spain and Ireland, and that his Mother died in childbirth, but apparently there were no ships plying around the time of his birth 08/03/1935 from Spain or Italy.

Lynn said he played football for Dundalk FC, (not with that name, he did NOT ) he played lots of snooker, sang with a dance band in Co Cork, someone somewhere must have known him, went to school with him, went to church with him, missed him when he came to England

I really sincerely hope that someone out there recognises him, I feel sad that for reasons only he knew , he must have reinvented himself and was not even able to share that with me.

If you have any information, however small please don't hesitate to contact me, any help will be greatly appreciated.