Lynn Dello - British Army History

Lynn joined the British Army in Manchester in 1960 and carried out his training at Devizes, Wiltshire. Lynn was in the Pay Corps and worked his way up to the rank of Warrant Officer. The nature of Lynn's role meant that he would frequently be attached to different regiments. This meant a lot of moving for us, we moved as many times as the years that we were married - 20 in total!

Our first posting was Pirbright, Surrey, at the guards depot. Shortly after we went to Benghazi Libya in 1964 and we stayed there for a couple of years before we returned home to Tidworth in 1966. In 1966 we had our first posting to Germany, in total we spent around eight years in Germany, some of this time was spent at Rheindahlen as Lynn worked at the main command pay office that served all the British Forces in Germany. We also spent a great deal of time in Munchen gladbach where Lynn worked at British Forces Licensing office.

Lynn also took part in the famous Nijmegen marches in Holland in 1968 and 1969. The Nijmegen marches is a marching festival in which people march 100 miles over four days. The marches were made even more gruelling due to the marches taking place in the height of summer in grilling temperatures and the soldiers being weighed down with heavy packs.

We also spent two years living in malta while Lynn was posted there. I usually worked wherever we went, on the switchboard at the guards depot, on the switchboard in Libya and also as a clerk in the BFG Licensing Office in Germany. We also lived in a number of places up and down the country in England including Gravesend, Cuxton, Tidworth and Edinburgh to name a few.

We counted ourselves very fortunate with our postings and we had some great times travelling the world together. Eventually they were making a reduction in Lynn's corps and he decided (with me ) To take an early retirement instead of carrying on to his full term of 22 years service. We by then had our one and only child and Lynn would not be able to get a higher rank than he had which was WO2,as the pay corps is an age related rank situation.

Lynn left the British Army on 1st september 1978 after 18 years and 64 days, and he left with exemplary military service.