About Lynn - Our Life Together

Lynn Dello was born and raised in Dundalk Co Louth by foster parents who had three sons of their own. Lynn always led me to believe that his parents had the surname of McCann but I Haven't been able to find any evidence of this. Both of Lynn's parents had passed away by the time Lynn came to England in 1960 and he joined the British Army in Manchester.

We met after Lynn had just finished his army training at Devizes, Wiltshire, when he came to Bournemouth for the day with a crowd of chaps from his "intake" in october 1960. After a whirlwind courtship, we married in april the following year and shared our lives for twenty very happy years.

Lynn served in the army for 18 years and 64 days and he left with exemplary military conduct in 1978. As Lynn was in the pay corps and attached to different regiments this meant that we moved to many different locations. Throughout the time of Lynn's military service we were lucky enough to travel the world together and stayed in some truly beautiful places including Germany, Libya and Malta. During this time our one and only son was born at RAF Wegberg hospital in germany in 1977. We also lived up and down the country in England in a number of different places including Gravesend, Pirbright,Cuxton, Tidworth and Edinburgh to name a few.

Lynn came out of the army in 1978 and managed a couple of local newsagent shops for a news chain for a little while, but as soon as we found a shop that we could afford on the Isle Of Wight we went for it. Sadly our happy life together was short lived because about two and a half years later, Lynn's life was taken so suddenly, aged 46 years old.

Lynn was the kindest, most gentle and honest man that I have ever met and it was my privilege to be married to him for twenty short years. Before I retired I became very interested in my own family history and I decided it would be good to try and find Lynn's Irish roots so our son would know his too. To my utter amazement there doesn't seem to be any records to confirm any of the details that Lynn told me about his life before moving to Manchester in 1960.