Welcome To Irish Roots Mystery - A Tribute To Lynn Dello

Welcome to Irish Roots Mystery my name is Julie Dello. This website has been created for two reasons, the first as a loving tribute to my great late husband Lynn Dello, but the main reason for the website is the hope that it will be seen by somebody who has information that can enable me to start to find some background history of Lynn Dello's Irish roots and hopefully solve the mystery of my late husbands family history.

Lynn was raised in Dundalk Co Louth by foster parents who had three sons of their own,both of Lynn's parents had passed away by the time Lynn came to England in 1960 and joined the British Army in June of that year. He had no documents or paperwork including birth certificate and called himself Lynn Dello. I have been seriously researching for over eight years now and I haven't been able to find anybody of that name having lived anywhere prior to his enlistment. I want to say at this point that Lynn Dello was the most honest,upstanding, kind and good man that you could ever meet, but i want to tell this story how it was so everyone that reads this site gets a true picture of this gorgeous husband of mine.

We met when Lynn had just finished his army training at Devizes, Wiltshire and a crowd of his "intake" came to Bournemouth for the day and the evening. After a whirlwind courtship we married in the following April and shared our lives for twenty very happy years. We travelled all over together as part of Lynn's army service where as a result we ended up staying in a range of beautiful places including Germany,Libya,Malta Benghazi and all over the UK. For more details of our life together please Click Here. Sadly Lynn died very suddenly in 1981 when our one and only child was not quite four years old. Don't feel sad for me, at least I feel truly blessed to have a part of him that lives on, so I don't feel sorry for myself.

Before I retired I became very interested in my own family history and I decided it would be good to try and find Lynn's Irish roots so our son would know his too. To my utter amazement there doesn't seem to be any records to confirm any of the details that Lynn told me about his life before moving to Manchester in 1960. Over the last few years I have tried a whole range of searches to try and find out more information including myself and our son having our DNA tested so we know which is the Irish side. You can see full details of these DNA results and all our other possible leads that we have had over the past few years in our Search so far page. I have had great help from a very kind friend of mine who actually lives in Dundalk Co Louth.

One of Lynn's main passions was for singing and he said that he used to sing with a dance band in Cork. I have recently had a couple of his songs restored and put on a dvd. If you used to go to dances in the 1950's where the big band sound was all the rage, please have a listen you may recognise his voice.

Whatever went on in the years before I met Lynn maybe I will never know, but he must have been someone's son, foster brother or friend. The purpose of this site is if anybody recognises my gorgeous soul mate and has any information however small please contact us your help will be appreciated.